Welcome to Silver Sun Systems LLC. We are a new government contracting and solutions driven company that is built around military values and work ethic as a Veteran Owned Business. We work to provide you the best possible answer to your needs while tailoring our technology to your budget, requirements and any resource constraints. Let us show you what the latest technology can do for your organization.

Law Enforcement

We believe strongly in sharing lessons learned that can benefit others in this uncertain environment. Our Law Enforcement Officers put their lives on the line every day and deserve as realistic training that we can provide while ensuring their budget and resources are not constrained. That is why we stand behind our Virtual and Augmented Reality training services. We develop tailored training systems that live in-house at the department or can come to your location as a periodic service.

Our Mobile Training Teams are ready to assist for those department who are too small to house their own suite. For larger departments we are able to customize our services.

Not only do we provide training for operations in the field, but we can also provide recommendations and referrals to other vendors for reconnaissance or supplement technology to enhance officer and civilian safety during operations in the field or support from dispatching and operations centers.

Emergency Services

Emergency Services covers a wide array of capabilities and we’re here to extend those services to better serve our communities. We believe in driving readiness and training to accommodate your organization no matter what unique needs you may have. Our military experience working with civil government organizations ensures expertise in integration with a plethora of various agencies.

When disaster strikes, our citizens deserve the absolute best and our emergency service workers should be confident that they’ve received the training they need to be safe. Having access to a wide array of support not only builds confidence, but it mitigates risk and leverages resources to achieve good stewardship of tax payer dollars.


Utilizing the latest in Virtual Reality technology, Silver Sun Systems LLC is able to field a full suite of simulation hardware and software to meet the dynamic needs of the military whether it is Air, Ground, Sea, Space, Cyber, Human or a combination of all domains. Our simulators are able to accommodate a small team or a large audience with virtual and augmented reality.

Not only do we believe in applying the right technology, but also stress the use of the right experts. We strive to match the most suitable people to the challenge at hand to ensure we’re providing the best possible support to our military members.

Our personal experiences as Veterans are what form the core of what we do and how we do it working to accomplish this vital mission.

Services and Technology

We offer a wide range of technological solutions and the best part is that we use the technology ourselves! We can build you a custom suite of hardware and software that will meet your needs and train you and your team to use it. We don’t sneak costly support agreements and caveats into our offerings so you can be confident that someone will be there to help if something goes wrong.

We stand behind what we do and if we don’t have the answer, we ensure we partner with vendors who do. If we don’t build it in house, we always work with vendors who maintain the highest quality of customer service. We also won’t pawn you off to our vendors; we act on your behalf to make sure we get the right answer and that it fits the technology and service you’ve been provided.

Let Silver Sun Systems give you the complete solution from concept to end of life ranging from Virtual and Augmented Reality training to Field and Operations Center systems.